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Condo or mansion, we’ll find it together, right home, right terms, right condition and right price. My name is John Nickle, and I am a Certified Negotiation Expert and have been a licensed realtor in Atlanta since 1989. I am a wealth of knowledge regarding Atlanta. If you have questions about areas, home styles, neighborhoods, affordability, lenders, rates, incentives, and such you can trust me to provide you what you need. I’ll make sure you feel confident and educated every step of the way. I am here to support and guide you through the process start to finish. Think of me as simply a Sherpa of sorts… a guide to what Atlanta truly has to offer. Did you know that there are lenders that provide major incentives to purchasers up and down the income scale? My skill set will ensure you get the best experience possible. Relax and enjoy the view, we’ve got this! To get the process started simply call 404-633-2044 cell direct… John Nickle.