Maggie Wright - Realtor


Method Real Estate Advisors

1792 Woodstock Rd, Bldg 100, Roswell, GA 30075

A native of Georgia, Maggie has spent the last 18 years in the North Fulton/ North Gwinnett area. She considers one of her greatest accomplishments to be the health and well-being of her family of 8. With her three eldest children involved in travel sports, and her youngest three children being four years of age (...and under!), she remains a staple within her North Gwinnett community, often championing for special education and children’s rights. Of late, Maggie was involved in fundraising for many teams and charities, especially the Autism Speaks group, a foundation that is near and dear to her heart.




Anyone that knows her, defines her as a personal advocate who does not shy away from challenges, but insists on meeting them with fervent determination. She prides herself on her passion, drive, an determination.